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  • Its time to say goodbye to turning tables.

    Its time to say goodbye to turning tables.


    Comic Con GIVEAWAY! (part one) 


    I’ve decided to start thinning out my collection of comic con swag.

    What does this mean, exactly?  I am going to do two giveaways, one including swag from years previous *mostly last year* and another giveaway including swag from this years comic con.  And who doesn’t like free stuff?

    Prizes include 

    •  first place gets to choose 5 items from the list
    •  second place gets to choose 4 items, 
    •  and so forth until all swag is gone.
    •  please see the photos for descriptions.  (right click open pictures in a new tab for hi res)  Also, note that the pilgrim shirt was actually made by brandon routh and kieran culkan at comic con.  :D

    The giveaway guidelines are simple. To be eligible, you must:

    1. Be following Julieftws (I realize how annoying that is, but this giveaway is to celebrate my followers)  :D
    2. Reblog this, as much as you would want, but likes will not count
    3. Be amazing. 
    4. Give the merch a good home.  
    Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding the giveaways and I am always open to feedback.  
    please note that some merch has been worn by me, but over half of the shirts have not been worn and all bags were not used.  Anything that says NW by the shirt has not been worn at all.

    All qualifying entries will be put onto a list (updated regularly) and winners will be determined via Random.org. If you are one of the lucky winners I’ll send you an ask requesting what you would like out of the list and your mailing information. If 48 hours pass without a response, we’ll roll the bones again and a new winner will be chosen.

    Deadline for this is July 28th.  Good Luck!